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The Scottish Information Commissioner - It's Public Knowledge
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decisions_grey_testCurrent Applications

When an application is made to the Commissioner, it is first "validated". That is, we check the application to ensure it meets all the criteria required to allow the Commissioner to investigate the case. 

For example:

  • Was the request made to a Scottish public authority which is covered by the Act?
  • Has the applicant made a request for review to the authority before coming to us? 

The "Your Rights" pages of this website provide more information about making an application to the Commissioner. 

The list of current investigations published here, and updated every month.  This is the latest version published as at 1 April 2013.

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 Download list of applications (PDF - 18 kB)

Any decisions issued by the Commissioner will be published on this website within a week of the decision being issued.  View and search the Scottish Information Commissioner decisions database.

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