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Chart IconFOI and EIR statistics database

Since April 2013, Scottish public authorities have been providing the Scottish Information Commissioner with data about the information requests they receive via a statistics portal.

Self-reported by each public authority on a quarterly basis, this data is publicly available through the portal.

Visit our FOI and EIR Statistics Portal.

What statistics are we collecting?

The schedule below details the range of statistics we collect. To help authorities, guidance on what information should be submitted under each section can be accessed within the portal. 

Excel FileSchedule of quarterly statistics requested by the Commissioner (Excel - 25 kB)

When should authorities submit their statistics?

Submissions are required approximately six weeks after the previous quarter closes, to give authorities time to collect the data and report it to us.  So, for 2019-2020, the dates are:

From  To  Submission required by:
1 April 2019 30 June 2019 9 August 2019
1 July 2019 30 September 2019 8 November 2019
1 October 2019 31 December 2019 7 February 2020
1 January 2020 31 March 2020 8 May 2020


Question Mark IconFAQs for public authorities submitting statistics


How do authorities submit their data?

Data should be submitted via our easy-to-use online data entry portal, available at

When we first started collecting data, we sent each authority a unique user ID and password, to be kept safe and used to access the system.  Access to an individual authority's data is secure. Although the authority will be identifiable in the downloadable reports, no other authority is able to view or amend an individual submission to the database.  The authority can save its data part way though, and go back to complete it if they need to. The authority can also amend any of the data it's entered, if it needs to change anything. Once ready, the authority simply clicks "submit", and we will receive its submission.


What happens where an authority's FOI statistics are currently gathered and reported by another authority?

Some small authorities who share their administrative functions with another authority (e.g. some licensing boards and non-Ministerial Officeholders) don't collect their statistics separately at the moment.  If an authority can provide its own data, that is preferable, but if it can't, the authority should let us know which authority will be providing it on their behalf, so we can make a note of this, and ensure its reflected in the reports. As we gain experience of collecting and reporting the statistics, we will work with authorities to explore how we can address issues such as these. 


Does "Number of requests received under the Data Protection Act" refer to subject access requests?

Yes. We are collecting this data to enable us to see how the number of FOI and EIR requests authorities receive compares to the number of subject access requests they receive. 


Should authorities report a request on the date that it is received, or on the date on which the authority responds to it?

We ask authorities to provide data which relates to receipts in that quarter and decisions made in that quarter.  Data provided should relate to activity in the quarter when the event/action took place.  This means that the full dataset will show the actual activity within each quarter. 

We are aware this has led to a change of practice for a few authorities, but taking this approach makes the dataset much stronger.  This approach is in line with the requirement of the section 60 code published by Ministers.  It also means that over time, as more data is added, we will be able to form a picture of the flow of FOI activity.


What happens if an authority needs to change the data it has already submitted?

Authorities are able to go into previous submissions and change their data e.g. if an authority has recorded a request under FOISA in one quarter but it becomes clear later that it should have been logged under the EIRs. The system will show us if the authority changed its data.


What happens if an authority loses or forgets its login details?

Where an authority loses or forgets its password or login deatils, it should contact the Scottish Information Commissioner's office for help. If necessary, passwords can be reset by our office.  


What do we publish?

We provide a simple report generator which is accessible via this page, allowing anyone to download a machine-readable (CSV) report of the submitted data. Users can select specific quarters, regions or sectors to filter the data. Reports are available for download at any time and will include data entered in the portal at the time of download.


Telephone IconWhere do I go for help?

Contact us on 01334 464610 or email for support.

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