Five years - Five simple words

Getting information from Scottish public bodies has never been easier. For five years now, everyone has had the right to access information – no matter who you are, or why you want it.

People from all walks of life have used their information rights, accessing information on a wide range of subjects. And if you don't uncover what they're looking for, the Scottish Information Commissioner can help. He can independently review cases, and can order the release of information if it has been wrongly withheld.

Helping you get to the information that matters.

This website – the Commissioner's Online Annual Report 2009 – has a host of information on the development of freedom of information in Scotland. As well as commentary and statistics for 2009, we also review the progress of FOI over its first five years. We have video commentary from the Commissioner, interactive tables showing the outcome of appeals, an overview of key FOI milestones, and case studies setting out the experiences of the ordinary people who are the main users of FOI.

We also provide updates on new developments during 2009, such as the publication of additional guidance for public bodies, the progress of the Commissioner's good practice assessments, and the establishment of a Centre for FOI with the University of Dundee Law School.

And remember, if there's anything else you want to know...