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Daren Fitzhenry is the Scottish Information Commissioner. He was appointed by Her Majesty the Queen, on the nomination of the Scottish Parliamentary Corporate Body. He took up post on 16 October 2017. His appointment is for a fixed term of six years.

 Daren Fitzhenry was formerly a senior legal officer in the RAF Legal Branch, heading up its legal advisory team.

A LLM graduate of the University of Glasgow, Mr Fitzhenry has worked as a solicitor in private practice and public service, joining the RAF in 2000. His experience in the development, implementation and application of regulatory systems, legislation and international arrangements is extensive, and his wide portfolio of legal practice has included the application of the Freedom of Information Act 2000 regime, with which he has been familiar since its inception.

As a member of operational and strategic level boards and committees Mr Fitzhenry has applied his knowledge and experience of legal frameworks, regulation and the law in the formulation and execution of major change programmes, both in the UK and abroad.

All this has given him an insight into the benefits and value of an effective freedom of information system as well as different practical approaches to the application and enforcement of regulation.




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