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Clock IconManaging the organisation

The Senior Management Team (SMT) is responsible for the development and operation of the functions supporting the Commissioner in the exercise of his functions and duties.  We also have a suite of office policies and procedures which set out how we manage risk, resources and compliance with various legal obligations.  These are available on request and are listed at the bottom of this page and in our Publication Scheme Guide to Information.   

The Senior Management Team

The Scottish Information Commissioner's SMT are:

  • Daren Fitzhenry, Scottish Information Commissioner (chairing member)
  • Margaret Keyse, Head of Enforcement
  • Sarah Hutchison, Head of Policy and Information
  • Helen Gardner-Swift, Head of Corporate Services

 The SMT meets formally once a quarter, plus informally whenever needed.  Meetings follow a standard agenda based on our annual work programme, plus any other matters which the Chair agrees to include.  A full description of the purpose and duties of the SMT and the standard agenda for formal meetings (Quarterly SMT Meeting or QSMTM),  is in the Commissioner's governance arrangements .  Any decisions taken at informal or ad hoc SMT meetings are confirmed at the next formal quarterly meeting. 

The minutes and papers for the quarterly meetings are below. 

 2018  2017  2016

Minutes and papers 14 November 2018

Minutes and papers 08 August 2018

Minutes and papers 01 June 2018

Minutes and papers 25 April 2018

Minutes Jan 2018 

Minutes Nov 2017

Minutes Jul 2017

Minutes Apr 2017

Minutes Feb 2017

Minutes Nov 2016

Minutes Jul 2016

Minutes Apr 2016 

Minutes Jan 2016


Team meetings

Individual cases and investigations are discussed by the Head of Enforcement and her deputies at a monthly Enforcement Team meeting, and at individual case conferences.  Progress on policy and communications projects is the subject of monthly meetings of the Head of Policy and Information and her team.  Similarly the Head of Corporate Services meets each month with her team to discuss operational issues.  The Scottish Information Commissioner is also invited to attend these meetings.

Office policies and procedures

Examples of office policies and procedures are listed below - for a full list see our Publication Scheme Guide to Information.


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