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The 2011 Festival of PoliticsFreedom of Information? 
               There's a website for that!

FOI at the Festival of Politics, Friday 26 August 2011

Scottish Information Commissioner Kevin Dunion hosted a lively and thought provoking seminar at the Scottish Parliament's Festival of Politics in August. Over 40 guests had the opportunity to hear from campaigners, government, commerce and ordinary members of the public, reflecting on their own experiences and the impact that the internet and new media are having on FOI and open government in Scotland. 

If you were unable to attend the seminar, you can hear what the speakers had to say, questions from the audience, and all the debate, by downloading our podcast files below.  The files below contain either the full session for download, or the individual speaker sessions.





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  Access to Information?  There's a website for that!
Full audio from the event


 Festival of Politics 2011 - Full Audio

 Kevin Dunion at the 2011 Festival of Politics Introduction
Kevin Dunion, Scottish Information Commissioner
Introducing the speakers and the aims of the event.


Festival of Politics 2011 - Kevin Intro Audio 

 Michael Traill at the 2011 Festival of Politics Michael Traill, Community Campaigner
Discussing his experiences as an FOI user, and using the internet to both make requests and share the information he receives with the public.

"...the information that I obtained led to a real change in the day to day working practices of the police..."


Festival of Politics 2011 - Michael Traill Audio 

 Ben Plouviez at the 2011 Festival of Politics

 Ben Plouviez, Head of Information Services,
The Scottish Government
Setting out the rationale for making government data public, and governmental hopes for open data initiatives.

"...Why should we open our data? Well, it's public data, you paid for it - why shouldn't you have it..?"


 Festival of Politics 2011 - Ben Plouviez Audio


Bill Roberts, Co-founder, Swirrl IT Ltd
Providing an insight into the meaning of 'open data' and its practical implications for the public and government.

"...the things that make government data open and usable for the public also help to make it open and usable for other parts of the government... "


Festival of Politics 2011 - Bill Roberts Audio 

 Kirsty Shirra at the 2011 Festival of Politics

Questions and Discussion
Members of the public attending the event question the speakers and discuss the issues raised. Hosted by Kirstie Shirra, freelance writer and campaginer.


 Festival of Politics 2011 - Q&A Audio




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