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On Saturday 21 August 2010 Freedom of Information (FOI) took centre stage at the Scottish Parliament's Festival of Politics, at an event exploring the impact that the FOI 'right to information' has had in Scotland.

Scottish Information Commissioner Kevin Dunion was joined by three of the individuals who have successfully used FOI to make a difference in their own communities and beyond.

The event concluded with a lively Q&A session, which gave audience members the opportunity to question the panel further on their FOI use, and share their own experiences of using the right.

You can listen to each of the individual speakers by downloading the files below, or download the final file to listen to the full event.

Freedom of Information - What Difference Has It Made?

 Kevin Dunion at 2010 Festival of Politics


"FOI is a fundamental right..."


Scottish Information Commissioner Kevin Dunion reflects on the impact that FOI has had in Scotland since the legislation came into force in 2005. [17m39s]

You can also download the Commissioner's presentation slides.



 Sandy Longmuir at the 2010 Festival of Politics


"FOI has turned up revelation after revelation..."


Sandy Longmuir, chair and founder of the Scottish Rural Schools Network, explains how the Network has used FOI in its successful campaign against rural school closures. [7m09s]


Click to download MP3 audio file (6.53MB)

 Michelle Stewart at 2010 Festival of Politics


"People need to know that this kind of power is there for them..."


Michelle Stewart of the C Diff Justice Group talks about how her group used FOI to uncover important information following the Clostridium Difficile outbreak at the Vale of Leven hospital in 2008, which claimed 18 lives. [4m31s]


Click to download MP3 audio file (4.14MB)

 Bill Scott


"FOI opened up facts and figures that we couldn't have got any other way..."


Bill Scott relates how the disabled people's organisation Inclusion Scotland used FOI to gather data about the quality of housing available for people with disabilities, leading to the development of new government guidance for authorities. [7m15s]


Click to download MP3 audio file (6.64MB)



"In my view, FOI has been a great advance in Scottish civic life..."


Q&A session - members of the audience share their own experiences and question the panel. [23m39s]


Click to download MP3 audio file (21.6MB)

 FOI panel at Festival of Politics  


Full download - download the full audio from the session as a single file from the Scottish Parliament's download site.  [To download, click on 'Saturday 21st' and then 'Committee Room 3']


Click to visit Scottish Parliament site


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