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Image of candle in shape of number 5Five years of FOI in Scotland

The Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002 came into force on 1 January 2005.  Five years on, the Scottish Information Commissioner marks this important anniversary by reflecting on the difference the Act has made to people's lives, and to the openness and accountability of Scotland's public sector.

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5th Anniversary News Release

The Commissioner marked the fifth anniversary of FOI with a call to authorities to do more to inform people of their FOI rights, in the light of research which suggested that authorities may be failing to respond appropriately to FOI requests.  Read the 5th Anniversary news release.


5th Anniversary Launch Event

The Commissioner launched the campaign to mark 5 years of FOI on 4 January 2010, in Princes Street in Edinburgh.  You can download photographs from the campaign launch below.  (All images are 300 dpi resolution, size approximately 3000x2300 pixels, 29.63cmx19.5cm - individual file sizes shown below.)

 Kevin Dunion reading file from orange filing cabinet - street scene 

Download - (jpeg 985Kb)

Image of Kevin Dunion with open orange filing cabinet - street scene

Download - (jpeg 590Kb)

Kevin Dunion holding miniature orange filing cabinet in front of Edinburgh Castle

Download - (jpeg 514Kb)

Kevin Dunion holding miniature orange filing cabinet

Download - (jpeg 546Kb)

Image Kevin Dunion with open orange filing cabinet Princes St

Download - (jpeg 787Kb)



 2009 Annual Report

Image of the Annual Report 2009 showing the text 'You only have to ask'The Commissioner's Annual Report for 2009 contains detailed information charting the progress of FOI in Scotland over its first five years.  This includes details of the number of FOI appeals received since 2005 by year, details of the appeals received in relation to individual public authorities per year, as well as an overview of the key milestones during the first five years of FOI.


To view the Commissioner's 2009 report, visit

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