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The Commissioner's office issues news releases and press statements on a range of issues including key decisions and new publications.  All news releases are published on this page.  If you have any questions about any of these, contact the Commissioner's Media Team.

 13 November 2018 Commissioner agrees Scottish Government action plan 
 11 October 2018  Commissioner's response to Scottish Government draft action plan
 28 September 2018  Commissioner encourages people to use their FOI rights
 13 September 2018  Commissioner receives Scottish Government's draft action plan
  4 September 2018  Research reveals gaps in public sector publishing duties
 17 August 2018  Research study to explore access to environmental information in Scotland
 28 June 2018  Young people's awareness of FOI rights is "significantly lower"
 13 June 2018  Commissioner publishes Intervention Report on Scottish Government FOI performance
 8 February 2018  Commissioner's intervention on Scottish Government FOI performance
16 November 2017  Commissioner's letter to the Minister for Parliamentary Business
28 September 2017 New approach to FOI enforcement begins to bite
30 April 2017 Commissioner calls for radical rethink on freedom of information
 21 December 2016  Launch of New FOI tool (voluntary sector appeals)
 21 December 2016  Launch of New FOI tool (local media)
 28 September 2016  Report highlights FOI improvements - and some concerns
 4 July 2016  Public authorities receive mixed report on publication
 30 March 2016  Commissioner's statement on the issuing of decisions
 25 September 2015 Commissioner warns: use the right legislation
 7 July 2015 Press statement: Seal killing information
 17 February 2015 Correspondence with Police Scotland: stop and search data
 19 January 2015 Parliament warned that action is needed to protect FOI
 11 December 2014 Public support for FOI reaches all-time high 
 30 September 2014 Slight drop in freedom of information appeals
 07 August 2014 Failure to respond to requests threatens to undermine Scotland’s FOI regime 
 19 March 2014  Commissioner publishes decision on Lanarkshire mental health services correspondence
13 October 2013  New strategic framework for FOI Learning and Development in Scotland 
 25 October 2013 Study finds awareness is high but confidence is dipping
15 October 2013 First national dataset reveals extent of FOI activity in Scotland
 07 October 2013 Commissioner publishes second Stihler decision on legal advice
 1 October 2013 Concern over rise in FOI failures
 29 July 2013 Commissioner welcomes Supreme Court ruling on Council pay data
10 June 2013  Commissioner welcomes move to bring culture and leisure bodies under FOI
3 May 2013  Commissioner publishes findings of learning and development survey
29 April 2013 Enforcement of Decision 193/2012
26 April 2013 Commissioner's statement on release of Project Power and Project Solar Reports 
1 April 2013  Commissioner updates guidance on dealing with vexatious requests
31 January 2013 Commissioner to urge Ministers to take their own course on FOI
29 November 2012  Commissioner publishes information relating to Stihler decision 
 28 November 2012 Commissioner welcomes freedom of information proposals
 23 October 2012 Commissioner welcomes Government's decision to abandon appeal
18 September 2012 Call for better freedom of information as appeal numbers rise
14 September 2012 Commissioner requires the disclosure of information about funding proposals
11 July 2012 Press statement on Decision 111/2012 Ms Catherine Stihler MEP and the Scottish Ministers
6 July 2012 Research reveals that voluntary sector still has concerns about FOI use 
5 July 2012  Commissioner recommends UHI improves FOI practice 
12 June 2012  Commissioner issues first decisions: Valuable lessons to be learned
25 May 2012 Dundee seminar explores whether time is right for change to FOI laws
22 February 2012  Commissioner criticises "catalogue of failings" at NHS Ayrshire and Arran 
10 January 2012  "Safeguard information rights" says Commissioner in last report
16 December 2011 Commissioner calls for FOI rights to be strengthened as survey reveals strong public support
7 November 2011 New local datasets on public authority FOI appeals published
3 November 2011  "Freedom of Information in Scotland in Practice" is launched
2 November 2011  FOI more important than ever in tough times ahead
1 September 2011  Request to Stirling University was not vexatious
8 July 2011 Festival-goers invited to embrace freedom of information in the age of new media
10 June 2011 Freedom of Information Roadshow Heads to Dumfries & Galloway
19 April 2011  New one stop shop guidance on freedom of information launches today 
8 March 2011 FOI requests increase, but information is more likely to be disclosed
15 December 2010 Spending cuts likely to drive public to make more use of their FOI rights
7 December 2010  Scottish Borders Council turns FOI compliance around
19 November 2010 Statement on Decision 190/2010 Thomas Smith and the Scottish Ministers
17 November 2010 FOI Roadshow Heads to Inverness
5 November 2010 5th Anniversary FOI Campaign wins two CIPR awards
7 September 2010 Commissioner unveils fresh approach to publishing information
22 August 2010 Freedom of Information at the Festival of Politics
30 July 2010 1000th FOI decision requires release of government meeting data
29 July 2010 Commissioner welcomes Government consultation
22 July 2010 Freedom of Information takes centre stage at festival
29 June 2010 Commissioner orders release of Shirley McKie case information
11 March 2010 Commissioner concerned over voluntary sector FOI use
8 March 2010 Commissioner challenges public authorities to "think FOI"
4 January 2010 5th Anniversary of FOI: don't keep people in the dark about their rights


8 December 2009 Commissioner welcomes Ministerial announcement
24 November 2009 Survey finds public confused over information rights
9 March 2009 Commissioner Call to push the boundaries of openness
9 March 2009 Launch of new freedom of information resources for the voluntary sector
8 February 2009 Lord Wallace calls for extension of the FOI Act
27 January 2009 Lord Wallace opens new Centre for Freedom of Information


17 December 2008 Awareness of Freedom of Information continues to grow
17 December 2008 Freedom of Information awareness remains lower within key groups
10 December 2008 Public favours extension of freedom of information rights
28 September 2008 Launch of research study marks Right to Know Day
3 September 2008 Commissioner orders release of Glasgow tender information
9 July 2008 Commissioner welcomes House of Lords opinion
30 June 2008 Commissioner welcomes Minister's announcement
28 May 2008 Commissioner to tackle any persistent failings by Scottish public authorities
21 May 2008 Study to explore low use of freedom of information by voluntary groups
11 March 2008 People to be more aware of their rights to access information 
11 March 2008  Commissioner wants older people to be more aware of their rights to access information 
11 March 2008  Commissioner wants young people to be more aware of their rights to access information
10 March 2008 Annual Report 2007 published first comprehensive data on Freedom of Information appeals
7 March 2008 Commissioner welcomes release of Reliance contract
20 February 2008 Court of Session rules on Enterprise Act case
28 January 2008 Commissioner reappointed                                                      
19 November 2007 Public awareness of FOI is high - but some groups may be lagging behind, warns Commissioner
25 October 2007  Commissioner calls for public right to information to be protected when public services are privatised

24 October 2007

Scottish Information Commissioner orders release of NHS Lothian PFI contract
1 October 2007 500th decision orders release of unsolved murder file
28 September 2007 Scotland rises to the challenge of freedom of information...but more can be done
5 July 2007 New Website Opens Doors to Freedom of Information
21 June 2007 Commissioner orders release of contract information
8 March 2007 Launch of Scottish Information Commissioner's Annual Report 2006-07
24 January 2007 Commissioner welcomes Court ruling in landmark freedom of information case
16 January 2007 Commissioner requires release of information from Wick Harbour death report
1 December 2006 Court of Session upholds Commissioner's Decision
20 November 2006 The Act is working - but has the culture changed?
27 September 2006 Freedom of Information a success in Scotland
25 September 2006 Commissioner requires disclosure of information on the detention of children at Dungavel
22 September 2006 Scots embrace freedom of information
8 December 2005 Scottish Information Commissioner rules that mortality rates for all surgeons in Scotland should be released
1 December 2005 Third survey shows increased public awareness of freedom of information
7 October 2005 Scottish Information Commissioner rules that Conservative Parliamentary leader?s taxi destinations should be released
16 August 2005 Scottish Information Commissioner upholds appeal over the release of childhood leukaemia statistics
23 June 2005 Report on records about to institutional children's homes and schools
23 May 2005 Freedom of Information gets off to a flying start.
14 February 2005 Commissioner launches public Right to Know campaign.
22 December 2004 New year means new rights as freedom of information law comes into effect.
20 December 2004 Research reveals authorities need to do more for freedom of information.
24 November 2004 Scottish Prison Service can withhold Reliance contract details.
9 September 2004 Journalists expected to take advantage of new information rights.
27 August 2004 Commissioner to address St Andrews residents.
22 August 2004 Scottish Information Commissioner concludes first case under open government code.
2 June 2004 Central and local government open their files to the public.
17 November 2003 Authorities seek guidance on 2005 FOI compliance
29 October 2003 Office of the Scottish Information Commissioner opens in St Andrews.

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