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Main page header should always be Heading 1

Subheading should be Heading two

Sub-sub headings should be Normal in bold (no underlining or italics)

Body copy should be in Normal, not bold. 

Quotes should be in italics.

  • Lists to be in bulleted form
  • List to be in bulleted form
  • Library section will depend on content and area of site

Conventions for file types and sizes

  • (Word - 24Kb)
  • (Pdf - 24KB)
  • (PDF - 24 Kb)

If a page has a number of distinct content areas, sections should be broken up with red line (button on top menu bar - see below)


 Create header by right clicking on table and Modify Table Properties - Advanced/Heading Rows/1 Table columns automatically set to fit content  
 Right click to insert or delete rows and columns    


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