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Proactive Publication: time for a rethink?

Special Report

In her last official report to Parliament before leaving office at the end of April 2017, Scottish Information Commissioner Rosemary Agnew is calling for debate about a radical re-think of freedom of information (FOI). The Special Report was laid before the Scottish Parliament on 28 April 2017.

Download the Special Report:

PDF iconProactive Publication: time for a rethink? (PDF)

Executive Summary:

Publication of information is important to building trust and confidence in public services  FOI law diverts resources from value adding dissemination of information  The framework is complex and needs simplification 
 Proactive publication does not deliver the level of openness intended  Is it time for a radical re-think?  An opportunity to embed access to information and drive cultural change
 FOI gives insufficient weight to proactive publication  Request volumes are increasing year-on-year  Proactive publication by itself cannot deliver transparency


Read the research behind the Special Report:

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