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The Commissioner's Annual Reports, Assessment Reports and Research Reports are available by clicking on the relevant link in the menu to the left of this page. Copies of audio and video publications are available by clicking here.  Below you will find a list of other publications issued by the Scottish Information Commissioner, plus links to selected publications published by other bodies e.g. Scottish Ministers. 

  Responses to Government consultations and Parliamentary enquiries
Mar 2018 Response to consultation on a Draft Order extending coverage of FOI law to Registered Social Landlords 
Dec 2017 Response to Public Audit and Post-legislative Scrutiny Committee
Dec 2017 Further submission on Housing (Amendment) (Scotland) Bill
Oct 2017 Response to Transport Scotland consultation on Raising standards and improving the quality of Scottish road works 
Oct 2017  Written evidence on the Housing (Amendment) (Scotland) Bill
Apr 2017 Commissioner's Special Report - Proactive Publication: time for a rethink?
Mar 2017  Response to SEPA consultation on an Integrated Authorisation Framework
Feb 2017 Response to Government Consultation on Extending Coverage of FOISA to Registered Social Landlords
Nov 2016 Response to revised section 60 Code of Practice
Aug 2016 Response to Consultation on Audit Scotland Fee Setting Arrangements
May 2016 Response to Scottish Government Consultation on the Fire and Rescue Framework for Scotland
Apr 2016 Response to Scottish Government consultation on Time for Compliance Regulations 
Mar 2016 Response to National Records of Scotland consultation on proper arrangements for archiving records 
Dec 2015 Written evidence to Independent Review of Planning 
Sep 2015  Response to Government Consultation on Further Extension of Coverage of FOISA to More Organisations
May 2015 Response to the Education & Culture Committee on Scotland's Commissioner for Children & Young People Report (PDF - 18kB)
May 2015 Response to consultation on Climate Change Reporting Duties (PDF - 75kB)
Jan 2015 Commissioner's Special Report: FOI 10 Years On - are the right organisations covered? (PDF - 680kB)
Aug 2014 Commissioner's Special Report - Failure to Respond to FOI Requests: extent, impact and remedy
Feb 2014 Commissioner's submission to Lobbying Inquiry by the Standards, Procedures and Public Appointments Committee (PDF - 399kB)
Jan 2014  Response to the consultation on the Community Empowerment Bill (PDF - 197 kB)
Dec 2013 Commissioner's response to the consultation on the Procurement Reform (Scotland) Bill (PDF - 47kB)
Dec 2013 Briefing on the Freedom of Information (Amendment) (Scotland) Act 2013 - updated December 2013 (PDF - 150kB)
Jul 2013 Commissioner's letter to the Education and Culture Committee on the Children and Young People (Scotland) Bill (PDF - 373kB)
Jun 2013 Response to the consultation on a proposed order to revise the lifespan of certain FOI exemptions
Apr 2013 Commissioner's response to the consultation on Proposal to Restructure the Commission for Ethical Standards in Public Life in Scotland
Dec 2012 Commissioner's letter to the Finance Committee at Stage 2 of the FOISA Amendment Bill (PDF - 143kB)
Commissioner's Briefing Note on Stage 2 Amendments of the FOISA Amendment Bill (PDF - 92kB)
Nov 2012  Commissioner's submission to the Scottish Government's consultation on the Procurement Reform Bill (PDF - 133 kB)
Sep 2012 Supplementary submission to the Scottish Parliament's Finance Committee on the Freedom of Information (Amendment) (Scotland) Bill Bill (PDF - 173kB)
Aug 2012  Commissioner's response to consultation on a Community Empowerment Bill (PDF - 102kB)
Jul 2012  Commissioner's response to the Finance Committee's enquiry into the general principles of the Freedom of Information (Amendment)(Scotland) Bill (PDF - 136kB)
May 2012 Commissioner's response to consultation on a Model Records Management Plan (Public Records (Scotland) Act 2011) (PDF-105kB)
Feb 2012 Commissioner's response to the Freedom of Information (Amendment) (Scotland) Bill consultation
Jan 2012 Kevin Dunion's Special Report to the Scottish Parliament, on leaving office
Nov 2011  Commissioner's consultation response on revised Section 61 Code of Practice Nov 2011 (PDF - 37kB)
Nov 2010  Commissioner's written evidence to the Education, Lifelong Learning and Culture Committee on Public Records (Scotland) Bill
Nov 2010 Commissioner's supplementary response to the Scottish Government's consultation on extending scope of FOISA
Nov 2010 Commissioner's response to Scottish Government's consultation on extending the scope of FOISA
July 2010 Commissioner's submission to the Public Records (Scotland) Bill proposal
Mar 2010 Commissioner's submission to Local Government Committee on Housing (Scotland) Bill at Stage 1
Aug 2009  Commissioner's response to Government's "Improving Openness" consultation September 2009
Aug 2009 Commissioner's written evidence to Finance Committee's consideration of the Public Services Reform (Scotland) Bill
Jan 2009 Commissioner's written evidence to Review of SPCB Supported Bodies Committee
Jan 2009 Commissioner's response to the Scottish Government's discussion paper on extending coverage of FOISA
  Key Concept Briefing Series
 The Public Interest Test
 Vexatious or Repeated Requests - Section 14
 Guidance on validity of requests following Court of Session Opinion ('True applicant' and requests for 'documents')
 Scottish Ministers' Code of Practice on the Discharge of Functions under the Act - Section 60 Code
 Exemption Briefing Series (FOISA and EIRs)
 Information Otherwise Accessible - Section 25
 Prohibitions on Disclosure - Section 26
 Information Intended For Future Publication - Section 27 & Regulation 10(4)(d)
 Relations within the United Kingdom - Section 28
 Formulation of Scottish Administration Policy - Section 29 & Regulation 10(4)(e)
 Prejudice to Effective Conduct of Public Affairs - Section 30 & Regulation 10(4)(e)
 National Security and Defence - Section 31 & Regulation 10(5)(a)
 International Relations - Section 32 & Regulation 10(5)(a)
 Commercial Interests and the Economy (Section 33; Regulations 10(5)(e) & 10(5)(f)
 Investigations by Scottish Public Authorities - Section 34 & Regulation 10(5)(b)
 Law Enforcement - Section 35 & Regulation 10(5)(b)
 Confidentiality - Section 36; Regulations 10(5)(b) &10(5)(e)
 Court Records - Section 37 & Regulation 10(5)(b)
 Personal information - Section 38 & Regulation 11
 Health, Safety and the Environment - Section 39: Regulations 10(5)(a) & 10(5)(g)
 Audit Functions - Section 40
 Communications with Her Majesty etc. and Honours - Section 41
Conference and event reports
26 August 2011 Festival of Politics 2011 - Audio report
21 August 2010 Festival of Politics 2010 - 'Freedom of Information - what difference has it made?' audio report
16 November 2007 Report from the conference 'The Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002 - An End in Itself and a Means to an End?', University of St Andrews
1 - 3 February 2004 


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