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Chart Icon Appeal Statistics: April to September 2015

We publish appeal statistics with each annual report. This data set provides the number of appeals we receive for each authority, sector or applicant type, and the outcome of appeals.

We now publish appeal statistics data every six months. This is the first time we've published it for the first six months of the year, 2015/16 (April to September).

The data is available by:

  • authority and sector

Excel File Public authority tables by Region 2004-15 (Excel - 329kB)

Excel File Public authority tables by Sector 2004-15(Excel - 363kB)

  • applications by legislation, subject, reason and applicant type

Excel FileAppeal statistics by law, subject, reason and type 2004-15 (Excel-36kB)

The full year's data for 2015/16 will be published with the 2015/16 report due to be laid before the Scottish Parliament by the end of October 2016.

You can also see authorities' own quarterly FOI statistics in our FOI and EIR statistics database.


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