Our Performance

FOI requests to the Commissioner

Information requests 2008-2010*

2008 2009 2010
Publication scheme enquiry 71 40 29
Requests for information held by the Commissioner (FOISA/EIRs) 72 131 157
Information provided in full 26 51 49
Information partially supplied 5 18 20
Information not supplied 6 9 17
Information not held by the Commissioner 35 53 71
Requests for review 2 2** 4
Subject access requests under the Data Protection Act 1 3 5

* This table displays data from 2008-2010. Data from previous years is available in our 2009 Annual Report.
** 2009 figure restated.

Responding to requests...

FOI requires that all Scottish public authorities, including the Commissioner, respond to the information requests they receive. As well as an increase in enquiries about using the FOI right, 2010 also saw an increase in the number of people seeking information held by the Commissioner. Requests covered a wide range of issues, often seeking information held in relation to the investigation of cases.

In many cases, we did not hold the information sought. Where the information was held, however, we responded by releasing it in full in 57% of cases, partially releasing information in a further 23%.

Dealing with complaints...

On occasion, the Commissioner may also receive complaints in relation to the service provided by his Office or his staff. Every complaint received by the Commissioner is investigated fully by a senior member of the Commissioner's staff.

The Commissioner received five complaints during 2010. Of these, two were not upheld following investigation, two were partially upheld, and the last was withdrawn by the complainant.

Further information on the Commissioner's complaints procedure.