What do the EIRs require public authorities to do?

The EIRs require Scottish public authorities to:

  • Actively disseminate information, particularly by electronic means (regulation 4(1));
  • Make environmental information available to any person who requests it within 20 working days or, in exceptional cases where the request is both voluminous and complex, within 40 working days (regulation 5(1) and regulation 7(1));
  • Publish a schedule of charges and information on the circumstances in which a fee may be charged, waived or required to be paid in advance (regulation 8(8));
  • Provide advice and assistance to someone who has made, or wishes to make, a request for environmental information (regulation 9);
  • Refuse environmental information only in accordance with the limited exceptions available, giving reasons and details of the mechanisms for review and appeal (regulations 10, 11, 13, 16 and 17);
  • Transfer requests for environmental information if they do not hold the information but believe another authority does (regulation 14);
  • Where requested, carry out a review of a decision not to make environmental information available (regulation 16).

Download detailed guidance

For more detailed information on the obligations under the EIRs, download the Commissioner's briefing:

What do the EIRs require public authorities to do?

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