Charging a fee for environmental information

Guidance on applying regulation 8 of the EIRs

Regulation 8 of the EIRs allows public authorities to charge a "reasonable amount" for making environmental information available. Any fee charged must not exceed the costs to the authority of making that information available.

A charge can be made for providing a relatively small amount of information because there is no lower fees limit under the EIRs. This is different to FOISA. However, given that the charge must be reasonable and must not exceed the actual costs to the authority of providing the information, the charge for a small amount of information is likely to be low.

There is no upper fees limit under the EIRs. A public authority can, however, refuse to comply with a request if the request is manifestly unreasonable (regulation 10(4)(b)).

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EIRs Guidance - Charging for environmental information

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