Publication schemes

FOI law requires authorities to publish information as well as respond to requests. This is called the "publication scheme" duty. They must make information available to the public so that it can be accessed without having to ask for it. Authorities have to adopt a publication scheme approved by the Commissioner. They have to make available the information they have committed to publish.

All Scottish authorities have adopted the Commissioner's own Model Publication Scheme. This requires them to publish a Guide to Information that they make available.

This section of our website provides guidance and resources for authorities on publication schemes. While these materials are designed to help authorities meet their duties, they may also be useful if you are interested in access to information.

Overview of content in this section

  • The Model Publication Scheme - the Commissioner's Model Publication Scheme and the notification form which lets the Commissioner know about new authorities' adoption of the Model Scheme.
  • Guides to Information - what a Guide to Information must contain and the principles which govern how information must be made available.
  • Maintaining a Guide to Information - tips on reviewing and updating a Guide to Information to keep it up to date and relevant.
  • Publication scheme FAQs - the questions we are most frequently asked about publication schemes - and the answers.
  • Resources - the current edition of the Model Publication Scheme, guidance and downloadable resources.

Contacting us about publication schemes

We are happy to provide advice about publication schemes if you can't find what you are looking for here. Contact us for more information.

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