Self-Assessment Module 3 -
Advice and Assistance

The focus of this module is supporting your authority meet its duty to provide advice and assistance at every stage of an FOI request. By improving the quality of the service you give to requesters, you will build public trust and increase the likelihood of satisfaction with responses, thus reducing the work associated with reviews and appeals.

Module content

The module looks at the following areas of practice:

  • Culture of openness and transparency - Is the culture demonstrated in practice, through customer service, communication and publication?
  • Governance and management - Is everyone accountable for providing advice and assistance? Does the authority link access to information with stakeholder engagement?
  • Arrangements for advice and assistance - Is the authority's FOI practice as customer-focused as every other aspect of its business?
  • Staff training and guidance - Do staff understand what advice and assistance means and do they know how to offer it?
  • Monitoring, reporting and reviewing practice - Is your authority monitoring the extent to which advice and assistance is given to FOI requesters and how effective it is?

Module resources

Download Description of contents / purpose

How to carry out an FOI self-assessment

Our detailed guide to completing the five self-assessment stages of a module.

Module 3 Standards and Criteria

  • Introduction to this module
  • Expected outcomes and legal context
  • Characteristics of excellent practice for this module
  • Ratings and evaluation criteria

Module 3 Questions and Evidence Grid

Workbook of module questions, with sections to record evidence, strengths and areas for improvement

Summary of Findings

A form to record the assessment findings and give your authority a performance rating for this module.

Improvement Action Plan

A form to plan actions to improve performance

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