Self-Assessment Module 4 -
Publishing Information

This module focuses on helping your authority meet its duty to actively publish information. This is allows the public to find out easily what information they can access without having to make requests for it, reducing the work to respond. Active publication supports better relationships with stakeholders and demonstrates openness and transparency.

Module content

The module looks at the following areas of practice:

  • Leadership commitment - Do leaders and managers promote the benefits of publication and make sure there are enough resources to do it?
  • Joined-up, consistent, systematic practice - Is publication planned ahead? Is publication part of your routine business processes?
  • Staff guidance and training - Does everyone in the authority know what they have to publish and how to do it?
  • Responsiveness to changing public interest - Do you respond by publishing information that people ought to be able to access without having to request it?
  • Support for public access to information - Are the principles of publication applied across the authority? Does published information meet user needs?

Module resources

Download Description of contents / purpose

How to carry out an FOI self-assessment

Our detailed guide to completing the five self-assessment stages of a module.

Module 4 Standards and Criteria

  • Introduction to this module
  • Expected outcomes and legal context
  • Characteristics of excellent practice for this module
  • Ratings and evaluation criteria

Module 4 Questions and Evidence Grid

Workbook of module questions, with sections to record evidence, strengths and areas for improvement

Summary of Findings

A form to record the assessment findings and give your authority a performance rating for this module.

Improvement Action Plan

A form to plan actions to improve performance

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