Self-Assessment Module 6 -
Monitoring and Managing FOI Performance

This module aims to support your authority in measuring and improving its performance in providing access to information, by collating and analysing statistics, identifying trends and implementing action plans, with senior management input to help create a culture of openness. Effective and responsive management of performance not only ensures compliance with FOI law but can also lead to increased public trust in the organisation.

Module content

The module looks at the following areas of practice:

  • Effective governance of FOI - Are senior managers committed to ensuring the authority meets its obligations, ensuring the public's right of access to information is respected and recognising the strategic importance of FOI?
  • Robust performance management - Does the authority set appropriate targets to support compliance with statutory timescales and is there regular management reporting of performance against those targets?
  • Communication and collective responsibility - Are procedures and lines of communication in place to enable all staff to identify, report and respond to issues that may impact on FOI performance?
  • Investment in resources and training - Does the authority have appropriate systems for managing requests, is guidance provided to all employees, and is relevant training available for those with main responsibility for FOI?

Module resources

Download Description of contents / purpose

How to carry out an FOI self-assessment

Our detailed guide to completing the five self-assessment stages of a module.

Module 6 Standards and Criteria

  • Introduction to this module
  • Expected outcomes and legal context
  • Characteristics of excellent practice for this module
  • Ratings and evaluation criteria

Module 6 Questions and Evidence Grid

Workbook of module questions, with sections to record evidence, strengths and areas for improvement

Summary of Findings

A form to record the assessment findings and give your authority a performance rating for this module.

Improvement Action Plan

A form to plan actions to improve performance

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