Making an appeal to the Commissioner

If you're still unhappy after the review stage, you can make an appeal to the Commissioner.

Your appeal must be made within 6 months of when you received (or should have received) your review response. Make sure you submit a valid appeal - see our guidance on what is a valid appeal.

Looking for the appeal portal?

The Commissioner's online appeal service (the appeal portal) has been closed as a result of technical issues. However, you can still make an appeal to the Commissioner by email or post.

How to make an appeal

We recommend that you use our application form. You don't have to use this method, but if you do it will help to make sure you provide all of the information that the Commissioner needs to investigate your case quickly.

If you don't use the form, your appeal must be in a format that can be kept for future use, for example, by email or post or in an audio or video recording.

You first need to check that you can make an appeal.

Can I appeal to the Commissioner?

You can appeal to the Commissioner if:

Is my appeal valid?

The Commissioner will investigate your appeal if it is "valid". For more information and to check if your appeal is valid, see our advice about what is a valid appeal. Alternatively, you can download our detailed guidance below.

How to make an application (appeal) to the Scottish Information Commissioner (PDF)

The information you need to include in your appeal is also explained in our frequently asked questions.

Download an application form

You can download an application form, complete it and return it to us.

Application Form (Word document)

Appeal by email or post

To appeal by email, send your application form or email to

To appeal by post, send your application form or letter to:

Office of the Scottish Information Commissioner
Kinburn Castle
Doubledykes Road
St Andrews
KY16 9DS

Contact us if you need help making an appeal.

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