Performance and Quality Framework

The Scottish Information Commissioner is accountable for the delivery of a range of statutory duties and functions. This delivery must be to a defined standard which meets the legislation and, where practicable, the expectations of people seeking information. The Performance and Quality Framework sets out how we measure, monitor and report on our performance and the quality standards of the outputs delivered by our organisation.

We take a holistic approach to the development and definition of our quality measures and performance framework:

  • Quality assurance is the system by which we measure, report on and achieve continuous improvement in our quality of work.
  • Performance management is the system we use to monitor and report on our organisational outputs.
  • The Quality and Performance Framework is the mechanism for reporting these outcomes publicly. It is supported by internal systems to identify and monitor how individuals' performance contributes to the outputs of the whole organisation.

There are four strands to the Framework:

  1. Communication, proactive dissemination and openness
  2. Deciding applications
  3. Monitoring, promoting and assessing FOI performance
  4. Operational efficiency.


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