About cookies and how to disable them

A cookie is a small computer file of letters and numbers downloaded on to your device (e.g. PC or smartphone) when you access some websites. Cookies allow a website to recognise your device, each time you visit.

Cookies which we download

The Scottish Information Commissioner's website uses four "analytical" cookies which collect data about how visitors use the site. You cannot be identified from the data we collect. We use it to help us understand e.g. whether the number of visitors to our site is growing; what content is popular; and how long people stay on our site - so we can make improvements to the site. It also allows us to be accountable for the investment we make in our website by showing how - and how often - it is used.

If, having read the cookies statement in the pop up box on our website, you click "Don't show me this again", a cookie is downloaded. It does not collect any data from you - it simply tells our website, on your next visit, that you do not wish to see the pop up box again. Finally, there is a cookie which allows us to log into the site to make changes. This is essential to the website's operation, and is only downloaded onto the devices of the Commissioner's staff who maintain the website.

Cookies downloaded by other websites ("third party cookies")

Some of our web pages include video content embedded from "Vimeo". You don't need to have a Vimeo account to view these videos - but if you do have an account, and are logged in while you are watching our videos, Vimeo will download a cookie to track which videos you have viewed. If you have a Facebook or twitter account and you use the"Like" or "tweet this" buttons on our site, a cookie may be downloaded by Facebook or twitter, to allow the content you've selected to be shared.

Does the Commissioner need your permission to download cookies?

Yes, we must get your active consent to download cookies to your user device. The Commissioner does not control the download of third party cookies from other websites. However we must give you information on any third party cookies which can be set when you visit our site, and give you advice on what to do if you are concerned about them.

Can I control or delete cookies?

Yes you can - you have two options.

Deactivate cookies for this session only

The analytical cookies described above will be switched off for this visit to our website only. Choosing this option will not make any permanent changes to your cookie settings, and will not affect your cookies settings for other websites. Every time you visit you will be asked again if you consent to these cookies.

Deactivate cookies for this session:

This tool does not deactivate the third party cookies described above. You can control these by changing your browser settings (see below). Alternatively, check the relevant third party website's privacy policy for more information about their use of cookies.

Control cookies more permanently by changing your browser settings

All recent versions of popular internet browsers allow you to control cookies. Typically, you can set your browser to accept or reject all, or certain cookies. You should also be able to set your browser to prompt you each time a cookie is offered. Check which browser you are using and click on the relevant link below to change your cookie settings.

What if I am unhappy with the Commissioner's use of cookies?

If you have any concerns about the way in which cookies are being used on this website, or the arrangements we have put in place to help you manage cookies, please contact us to let us know.

The relevant regulations are the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations, enforced by The UK Information Commissioner (the ICO). You can also report your cookie concerns to the ICO.

More information about cookies

If you would like to find out more about cookies, and the regulations which apply to their use, here are some additional resources for you to visit.

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