New information on Commissioner's decisions database

Date: 2 October 2009 



The decisions database has been updated with new functionality to allow more detailed searches to be made of the Commissioner's decisions - in particular those decisions considering the Environmental Information (Scotland) Regulations 2004 (the EIRs). 

The following new features have been added:

  • A column showing (where relevant) the exceptions/regulations from the EIRs which apply to each decision;
  • A search filter (located above the database table) to allow users to search the database by specified EIR exception/regulation;
  • Each FOISA section listed for each decision is now hyperlinked to the full text in FOISA for that section;
  • It is now possible to search for FOISA decisions considering section 65 (offence of altering records with intent to prevent disclosure) and the individual subsections of section 35 (law enforcement).

The decisions database is accessible by clicking on the button in the menu bar at the top of this page, alternatively click here.

For more information on access to environmental information generally, click here.

If you have any feedback on these new features, or any other ideas for improving the database further, please contact us

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