Commissioner publishes information relating to Stihler decision


On 23 October the Scottish Government announced that it was abandoning its appeal to the Court of Session on the Commissioner's Decision 111/2012 Catherine Stihler MEP and the Scottish Ministers. The Commissioner has since received several requests for information she holds about the case, and continues to do so.

To make it easier for others seeking information about the case, the Commissioner has published her response to a request that covered all the information held relating to the case, along with the information. The response is available here:

Covering email in response to information request (PDF - 80 kB)

Schedule of documents provided in response to information request (Word - 40 kB)

Documents 1 to 30 (PDF - 1.76 MB)

Documents 31 to 60 (PDF - 1.33 MB)

Documents 61 to 90 (PDF - 1.09 MB)

Documents 90 to 121 (PDF - 1.22 MB)

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