Commissioner publishes decision on Lanarkshire mental health services correspondence

News release: 19 March 2014

The Scottish Information Commissioner, Rosemary Agnew, issued Decision 064/2014 Mr John Pentland and the Scottish Ministers today, 19 March 2014. The decision requires the Scottish Ministers to release more than half of the information previously withheld by them. The decision also finds that the Ministers were entitled to withhold the remaining information, including correspondence about the Ministerial Code.

Mr Pentland asked the Ministers for correspondence about a Ministerial review of NHS Lanarkshire’s proposals for mental health services. Today’s decision explains why the Commissioner considered why the majority of information - to which a total of five exemptions had been applied by Ministers - should be disclosed. In summary, as set out in full in the decision, the Commissioner found that information should not be withheld because either exemptions did not apply, or where they did, the public interest lay in favour of disclosure.

Notes to editors Decision 064/2014 (26.3KB)

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