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Research study to explore access to environmental information in Scotland

A new research study has been launched by the University of Dundee to explore how the right of access to environmental information is being used in Scotland. The research will examine how widely the right of access to environmental information is being used; what it is being used for; and the impact it is having for individuals, communities and Scottish society as a whole.

Anyone who has either made a request for environmental information or who has used published environmental information is invited to complete a short survey to share their experiences: good or bad. The researchers would also like to hear from public authority staff with experience of either publishing environmental information or responding to environmental information requests.

For further information, or to take part in the survey, visit the project website at https://sites.dundee.ac.uk/envinfo/how-to-participate/

The right of access to environmental information is provided by the Environmental Information (Scotland) Regulations 2004 (the EIRs). These sit alongside the FOI right to access general information held by public bodies. Like FOI, the EIRs are enforced by the Scottish Information Commissioner.


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