Filing cabinet with papers flying outDecisions Round-up: 11 to 15 November 2013

Two decisions were published this week.

Key messages:


  • Appeals often lead to the disclosure of more information
    A recurring feature in our investigations is the release of some, or even all, of the withheld information during the course of the investigation.  Even the release of a small amount of additional information can help to provide useful additional context, background or explanation to the requester.  In Decision 247/2013, further information was disclosed by the authority as we investigated the case.


Decisions issued:


  • Decision 247/2013 - Glasgow Bar Association (GBA) and the Scottish Legal Aid Board (SLAB)
    While SLAB provided some information in response to GBA’s request for information about the rates used to calculate payments for external legal advice, they withheld details of the rates themselves.  Further information was released during our investigation, and we found that SLAB had been right to withhold the remainder, under the FOI exemption that protects information which is commercially sensitive.


  • Decision 248/2013 - Paul Hutcheon and the University of Glasgow
    Mr Hutcheon asked for details about particular meetings involving the University’s principal.  We found that the University had been right to conclude that the information should be withheld as it was personal data, and release would breach data protection law.

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