Decisions Round-up: 19 to 23 November 2012

There were two decisions published this week.  We also provide an important note concerning recent cases that we have been unable to take forward for investigation. 


Key message:

  • Requesters should provide a full name to ensure requests are valid
    The FOI Act requires that a names is provided with each request. Requests that include just a first name - or use a pseudonym - will not be valid. We have received a small number of appeals recently which we haven't been able to investigate because only a first name was used.

    Requesters should ensure that they provide their full name with any request.  This should appear in the text of the request - appearing in the email address won't be enough. If an authority receives a request that doesn't include a full name, the authority should advise the applicant how to make a valid request, particularly if information is going to be withheld.  This will prevent the requester having problems further down the line.

Summary of decisions:

  • Decision 184/2012 - Peter Cherbi and the Scottish Ministers
    We found that information relating to the recruitment and appointment of the Chief Executive of the Scottish Legal Complaints Commission had been appropriately withheld, on the basis that it was personal data, and release would breach the principles set out in the Data Protection Act (1998).

  • Decision 185/2012 - Mr John McGregor and Stirling Council
    This decision finds that Stirling Council failed to respond to Mr McGregor's request or his request for review within the 20 working day timescale. A response was provided during the course of our investigation.

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