RSSNews feeds (RSS)


We have provided the following news feeds (RSS) to allow you to keep up to date using your favourite news reader:

  • Feed of latest published decisions - all the Commissioner's decisions are published in a database on this site.  However you can subscribe here to receive instant notification of decisions, as they are published.
  • Feed of latest news from the Office - covering news and activities from the Commissioners' office e.g. news releases, bi-monthly newsletter, new events, campaign updates.
  • Feed of latest publications and reports - covering new reports and publications as they are published e.g. briefings and guidance, assessment reports, research reports, responses to  consultations.

If you have any further suggestions for news feeds please use our Contact Form.

What are news feeds?

News feeds pick up when new content is published on a website and deliver it directly to you, in one place, so you can read it.  They are also commonly know as RSS feeds ('Really Simple Syndication').

How do I use news feeds?

All you need is a news reader.  These are applications which can be downloaded, often for free, but many modern web browsers also have in-built news readers.   Browser-based readers will allow you to access you feeds from any computer, whereas readers based on downloaded software are only accessible from the computer where the downloaded application is stored. 

To identify a news reader that meets your requirements, try searching for 'RSS news reader' in your chosen search engine.  Alternatively, when you click on one of the feeds above, simply click on the 'subscribe to this feed' link at the top and follow the instructions.



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