The Scottish Information Commissioner's 2012/13 Annual Report explores the rise in FOI appeals over the year, and sets out Rosemary Agnew's vision for the future of FOI in Scotland.

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2012/13 Annual report: Upholding the right to know (PDF - 3MB)

Key highlights include:

  • We received 594 FOI appeals. This was an increase of 14% on last year, and an increase of 49% over the last 5 years.
  • 27% of appeals related to a failure to respond within FOI timescales. This is the largest proportion of such appeals to date, and of particular concern to us.
  • 60% of our appeals were from members of the public.
  • We found completely in requesters' favour in 37% of cases, completely in authorities' favour in 37% and partially in favour of requesters / authorities in the remainder.
  • We closed 564 cases, a 9% increase on last year.
  • We responded to 1,816 enquiries, an 8% increase on last year.
  • We introduced new resources to advise and assist public authorities and requesters.
  • We announced our strategy for improving performance of FOI in Scotland by adding value.

Appeal statistics - by Region and Sector

Our 2012/13 Annual Report (above) contains details of the appeals received by the Commissioner over the year. More detailed information on appeals received since 2005, broken down by public authority, region and sector, are available in the spreadsheet below:

2012/13 Public Authority Tables - by Sector (Excel - 597KB)

2012/13 Public Authority Tables - by Region (Excel - 1.6MB)

Technical appeals

Our 2012/13 Annual Report and the accompanying news release discuss the Commissioner's concerns about the rise in "technical" appeals over the year. These are appeals made following a public authority's failure to respond with the FOI Act's 20-working day timescale.

29% of the appeals investigated by the Commissioner in 2012/13 related to such a failure to respond. The spreadsheet below has details of the number of technical appeals investigated during 2012/13, by public authority.

2012/13 Technical appeals investigated - by authority (Excel - 14KB)

Annual Accounts

2012/13 Annual Accounts (PDF - 2MB)

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