Publication Scheme Survey

1 August 2011

In 2011 the Commissioner revised the approach to publication schemes. Key to the new approach was the development of a Model Publication Scheme which can be adopted by any Scottish public authority. This model scheme was piloted with a group of authorities and publicly owned companies who were due to adopt new schemes in 2011.

This report provides the findings of an online survey conducted by the Commissioner's staff in July 2011 to look at the experiences of public authorities which had adopted, or were adopting the Model Publication Scheme. The outcomes of this survey will inform a revision of the model scheme and promotion of the approach to more authorities.

Key findings include:

  • 97% of respondents would recommend the Model Publication Scheme to other authorities
  • 37% of authorities are publishing more information than before as a direct result of the Model Publication Scheme - this is predominately information about governance, decision-making, management of resources and procurement.
  • The main reasons authorities adopt the model scheme are to show that they are adopting best practice and making publication schemes more accessible to the public, rather than ease of adoption or to avoid the Commissioner's approval process.
  • Most respondents who had previously created a publication scheme of their own design for their authority said that it had been less work to adopt the model scheme than to create a "bespoke" scheme. The model scheme had also made it easier, in many cases, to secure internal approval for the publication of information.

Publication Scheme Survey Report (270Kb)

To find out more about publication schemes please visit the Commissioner's guidance on publication schemes for Scottish public authorities

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