Qualitative study of Commissioner's website

April 2011

 In November 2010, the Scottish Information Commissioner's staff ran a number of focus groups to explore perceptions of his website - looking at, for example:

  • what role it plays
  • whether it has influenced behaviour or promoted any changes in practice
  • what its strengths and weaknesses are, and
  • what future online communications might look like.

A report of the findings of this study has now been published, along with recommendations for future development of the Commissioner's website.  The report and appendices can be downloaded from this page, or you can contact us on 01334 464610 to ask for hard copies to be posted to you.   

Where now for the Scottish Information Commissioner's website? A Qualitative Study Report (PDF - 166kB)

Appendix: Focus group research brief November 2010 (PDF - 30kB)

Appendix: Discussion Guide for 'Public' Focus Group (PDF - 33kB)

Appendix: Discussion Guide for 'Public Authority' Focus Group (PDF - 31kB)

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