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Current investigations

Current investigations

We publish a list of our current investigations. The list is updated early in each month.

Download list of investigations as at 30 April 2022

The list states which stage the case is at, through from newly received to investigation and decision waiting to be approved. It is currently only available as a PDF but will shortly be made available in CSV format too.

You can search the PDF using the search tool in your internet browser or PDF reader - for example you may want to check the details of a specific case, look for investigations relating to a particular topic/keyword, or see all cases for an individual public authority.

We are a small team - 2 validation officers and 7 full-time equivalent investigators - but we deal with cases as quickly as we can. Investigations can vary in subject matter and complexity - some can be handled more quickly than others.

We keep applicants and authorities up to date during each investigation. Once a case is closed (either settled or with a decision notice issued), it will no longer appear on the list.

The Commissioner publishes decisions around a week after issue in our decisions database.