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Magnifying Glass IconBudgets and expenditure

The Commissioner reports expenditure to the Scottish Parliamentary Corporate Body every month.  The "Financial Summary Report" shows the breakdown of the Commissioner's budget and expenditure to date by budget line e.g.

  • staff salary costs and expenses
  • the Commissioner's travel and expenses
  • property maintenance costs
  • office running costs
  • professional fees
  • court costs and
  • capital expenditure.

Financial Summary Report

The report shows how much has been spent to date on each of these, and what, if any, variance this represents on the agreed budget.

The Commissioner's financial year runs from 1 April to 31 March.  Each report shows the cumulative expenditure in the financial year to date.  The final expenditure report, for March, shows the total expenditure for the year compared to the approved budget.

 2018/19  2017/18  2016/17
Financial Summary - Jun 2018

Financial Summary - Mar 2018

Financial Summary - Sep 2017

Financial Summary - Aug 2017

Financial Summary - Jul 2017

Financial Summary - Jun 2017

Financial Summary - May 2017

Financial Summary - Apr 2017

Financial Summary - Mar 2017

Financial Summary - Feb 2017

Financial Summary - Jan 2017

Financial Summary - Dec 2016

Financial Summary - Nov 2016

Financial Summary - Oct 2016

Financial Summary - Sep 2016

Financial Summary - Aug 2016

Financial Summary - Jul 2016

Financial Summary - Jun 2016

Financial Summary - May 2016

Financial Summary - Apr 2016

 Cost of Court Appeals

The document below shows the costs incurred to date by the Scottish Information Commissioner in defending statutory appeals/judicial reviews made to the courts, plus any costs awarded to the Commissioner which relate to those proceedings.

PDF iconCost of Court Appeals


Senior Management Team Expense Claims

Detailed below are Senior Management Team expense claim forms approved for payment in the stated quarter.

 2018/19 2017/18
Q1 Expense claim - S Hutchison

Q4 Expense claim - M Keyse

Q4 Expense claim - S Hutchison

Q4 Expense claim - H Gardner-Swift

Q3 Expense claim - M Keyse

Q3 Expense claim - S Hutchison

Q3 Expense claim - H Gardner-Swift

Q2 Expense claim - M Keyse

Q2 Expense claim - S Hutchison

Q1 Expense claim - M Keyse

Q1 Expense claim - S Hutchison 

Q4 Expense claim - R Agnew

Q4 Expense claim - S Hutchison

Q3 Expense claim - R Agnew

Q3 Expense claims - M Keyse

Q3 Expense claim - S Hutchison

Q2 Expense claim - D Lowrie

Q2 Expense claim - R Agnew

Q2 Expense claim - M Keyse

Q1 Expense claim - R Agnew

Q1 Expense claim - M Keyse

Q1 Expense claim - S Hutchison


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